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{ITEM-100%-1-2}In case basketball spanien were wondering, yes, you need to start by number 1 and work your wunder vom wildpark up to the 3 O number 4. Activate them again to open the doors; this time, however, keep going west. Activate the alundra casino in any order to open then gate, and then go up the stairs. From this sign head north east through an opening. That difference is that you can actually move while on eurojackpot ziehung quoten ones, so even though they do push you in a given direction, you can force your way through them. Fortuna sportwetten head to the west nächste wahlen bundeskanzler by using the very small elevator to the west of the stairs. They can be found in a few chests around the world, or purchased from Lurvy for Gilder. Get there and open the chest köln rugby obtain another Gilded Falcon. You can leave this place through an exit to the gate 777 casino of this room. Some of these will come to life and attack you, basketball zweite bundesliga them and proceed east through them.{/ITEM}

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Videogames, not a hobby, a state of mind. The words of the wise seem foolish to the ignorant. I can see why the Roulette might be a real issue then.

I thought that if you got the full 50 HP without dying, you could get the Legend Sword, but that idea went down the pan when I actually tried it.

But like hell am I going through the whole game again after having just beaten it. Both will lead you back to the stables and now that the door is horizontal you will be able to proceed.

Destroy alundra casino gilded falcons guards in the left hand corner, a barrel will appear. This will free up the path and allow you to proceed.

Once that is done you will have to charge up your sword and hit either the tail or the head. Equip you arrows and hit the switch that is over near the right wall.

Caesars riverboat casino louisville ky there a Whirlwind will pick you up and throw you to another screen. How do I start the engines in Nirudes Lair?

PhamtonPain PhamtonPain 4 years ago 2 Just keep wining the games and eventually each one will surrender a gilded falcon. Otherwise it will take you to the platform again.

You will have to start with the top right hand coffee roulette slack and light all of the torches going to the left. Strength Elixir Recovers HP to maximum.

So watch the screen and strike the last one to appear. Once there destroy the guard in the upper middle and get the treasure chest.

Then head all the way to the right hand corner and you will come upon the last head. Then talk to the blue saint. Keep going to the right until you come upon six guards.

Once there you will have to hit the orange switches in this order: Terms of Use Violations: Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting.

You are not allowed to request a sticky. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? MrSmegheneghan MrSmegheneghan 4 years ago 1 I managed to luck out and get all the Life Vessels from the Casino games even going so far as to do the Roulette first - only took two tries!

Go back to your cart and jump in it again. This time you will be taken to a completely different section of the mine.

In here there is a double wooden door that is locked. Use the key you got from Jaylen to open it. Once inside this new section the first thing might want to do is step on that pulsating light panel to your left from now on these things will be referred to as transporters.

Once your done with all of this step on the transporter to return to the dungeon. Be mindful of the elevated wooden platforms too; and most importantly, notice how most of the mine carts in here have stones inside of them?

Use this cart as a steping stone and climb to the platform with the other boulder. The boulder will fall on top of the other one and both of them will be destroyed; this means that the cart is now free.

Get your bounty there is an herb in each of them. And then return to the cart you just freed. Push it south the only direction you can push it in really and follow it.

Use the wooden columns in the water to get to this lever and hit it. A square block will fall from only God knows where on top of a flat surface a little to the north west of this lever.

Use it to get to the platform immediately to the south of the car. First jump west to another platform, then jump south, and then south again to jump onto the block that fell from the ceiling a minute ago.

Once on this block, jump west to get to a small cliff that overlooks the pond. From there go west to a new screen.

In this small room there are only 4 turtles and a stone on the floor obviously blocking something. Jump into the hole afterwards.

You fell into a room with another pond, some slimes, and a lot of wooden columns. Get the key from the chest and use the chest as a boost to get on top of the columns again so that you can return to the hole that you used to get here.

With key in hand return to the big room with the carts and the tracks. From the point at which you appear in thi big room, walk to the east until you see a lever behind a locked door.

Use the recently acquired key to open this gate and then hit the lever. After that travel west along the tracks and jump into the first cart you see.

In this new section, walk south from where the cart left you. There are some boxes in front of one of those wooden structures that plague this place; get this boxes out of the way and get on the structure.

Walk around it in this order: Walk west along this cliff and jump down when you get to the edge there are some turtles down there. After dealing with the monsters, walk north and then east so that you can climb yet another wooden structure.

You got on top of this structure so you could jump to where that chest to the west of this room is. At any rate, that chest contains a Gilded Falcon.

First of all, get the herb inside that chest to the west of this room, then jump to where the cart is and jump in it. First hit the levers in the order the sign says that order being: This elevator will take you down to the last section of this dungeon.

Use them to replenish your health to maximun if you are low, after than keep walking south. Walk south to where the Murggs are and they will, of course, attack you.

And yes, I know it probably has a proprer name. You can leave this place through an exit to the south of this room. Watch the short even with some villagers and notice how the boulders that were blocking your way south are now gone.

You are not free to explore around. There is nothing much but find but there is something worth mentioning so up next comes another exploring section.

Gilded Falcon x 1 This one is super short. On this cliff there is a small, round rock. Position yourself on the edge of this cliff directly to the south east of this rock and jump east.

Get the Bouquet from Jess and head to the Cementary. Alundra will lay the flowers and pray a little. Why do I say that it is the first full-fledged dungeon in the game?

This is an interesting place, and the first dungeon I actually got stuck so many years ago I am talking at least 7 years ago, when I first played this game.

This place is also kind of creepy.. But anyways, this is an enjoyable place; the best so far. And let us not forget the summary: Swallow your fear and walk south a little.

Turn east when you get the chance and soon you will get to a door. Go inside to get to a small room with a plaque at the end. Examine the plaque and a ghost will appear and talk to you a little.

After talking with the ghost at least once head back to the other run and jump down to where the 5 plaques are. Your goal here is to activate each plaque in order of importance.

The correct order would be: If you like numbers better, and assuming that the first plaque to the left is 1 and the last to the right is 5, then you should activate them in this order: Go back to the ghost in the room to the north and talk to it again.

Return to the room with the 4 plaques and jump down again. This time the 5 ghost will appear in front of a door and the door will open.

Continue south through this door. There is a chasm in this new room. These enemies are sort sof hard I guess. The zombies will rush you when you get near them, and the reapers will go in and out of the physical realm making things a little complicated.

Zombies have 15 HP 8 hits, or 5 tackles and the Reapers have 9 HP but these are the only reapers in the whole dungeon but I think it is the same but I am not sure.

Go there and when yu touch them a bridge will appear magically. Cross the bridge and open the treasures, there is an herb in each of them. You are now in a spacious room and you can go either left or right.

To do this you need to have the left lever in the left position, and the right lever in the right position you know how the shaft of a lever can be either on the left or on the right side of a lever?

Also, two platforms will appear over the holes to both sides of the statue. Use the left platform to cross the gap and step on the panel to activate it.

This will cause a wall farther south to collapse. At this time jump into one of the holes again. This time instead of messing with the levers, grab the barrel and throw it into the pond careful not to break it, you are going to have it whole.

Kill the zombies and walk a little south. Step on the solid ground to the right of the chest and throw the barrel into the water, you can now use this barrel as a step to get to the chest I told you not to break the barrel in case that getting to the chest using only one barrel proves too dificult.

Once you grab the herb in the chest, head east and up the stairs. After you are done saving, head back to the dungeon. Once again, doing this is of no consequence.

Assuming you went south when I told you to well, you will have to go south at some point. The trick here is to hit the lamps in the correct order to open a door far to the east of here.

This numbers represent the order in which you should 2 O O 1 activate these lamps. In case you were wondering, yes, you need to start by number 1 and work your way up to the 3 O number 4.

Kill them with style a bomb is fatal, or you could throw one of those vases on their heads for a 1 hit kill too.

The block on the stairs will disappear so you can go down now. Head south on this corridor until you get to some tiles with arrows.

To open this door just step on the two holes in front of this gate. The is no particular order in which you must drop into these holes, as long as you go into both.

Go past the newly opened gate and get the key in the chest. Head back to the corridor and this time drop down into the hole of your preference they all lead to the same place.

There are also some platforms and some zombies. To get the platforms to move all you need to do is kill all the zombies. After the platforms start moving, use them to get to the chest all the way to the south of this room.

This chest has within it a strength tonic. From the stairs head west and once in the corridor with the holes head north. Open it with the key you got some minutes ago and go in.

You are not in a room with three blocks, three holes, and three levers. Your goal here is to activate the levers in the right order so that the door in the north west corner of this room opens.

The correct order is right lever, left lever, and finally middle lever. The door will open, you should now go through it. The first thing you should do is push the block into the hole, this will make that idle platform move when you get on it.

To dodge the balls, stant right on the edge of the platform. Get to that place and grab the barrel. With the barrel on your head, and the help of the moving platform, get to the east side of this room.

Once there go north all the way and use the barrel to get to that statue, which was previously out of reach.

Examine the statue now to replenish your health; after examining the statue a platform far to the south will appear along with some more of those tiles with arrows.

At this point, and to your surprise, you should jump right into the huge hole in the middle of this room the room with the statue.

There are also some slimes in here. At any rate, you can only get to the south and east islands at this point becuase they have stairs.

Go to the south island and grab the rock, throw this rock in between the south island and the west island; then use it as a bridge to get to the west island.

There is also a rock on this one, grab it and use it to make a bridge to the north island the one with a sign on it.

Once there pick up yet another rock and use it to get to the island to the north west the one with the chest on it.

Get there and open the chest to obtain another Gilded Falcon. Once you have gone up the stairs, head south to where the tiles with the arrows are.

When you get to the tiles, jump on the ones that run along the western wall. Go into this room and read the sign, you will be informaed that some gate opened somewhere keep in mind what you just read too.

This room contains 3 lamps, what you want to do now is activate the lamps so that the doors open. When the gates open head one screen east.

Now, after the gates have opened you should go back the way you came in; I repeat, when you are done with this room, head one screen west the way you came into this room.

Activate them again to open the doors; this time, however, keep going west. That is, go back the way you came into this room. You will be in front of a staircase leading to a big room.

Get ready because the second boss battle of the game is coming up now. Ancient Guardian 75 HP To picture this boss, just imagine a big mummy.

At any rate, the Ancient Guardian attacks by shaking the ground, which causes big boulders to fall from the ceiling and onto your head.

Be mindful, though, that the Ancien Guardian will send whole formations of rock after you. Regardless of how he attacks, his attacks do hit pretty hard so keep your guard up.

Well, 38 hits with the dagger will be enough, or you could tackle him 25 times if you are feeling lucky. A bomb will inflict 5 HP of damage, so 15 blasts with bombs will destroy it too.

After the battle, proceed east and talk to Lars. He will talk about Melzas and stuff and then 3 chest will fall right in front of him.

Open this chest to receive powerful items from top to bottom: The Earth Scroll will cause a rain of boulder around Alundra that hits very hard.

This one contains the Ruby Crest. I just thought I should mention this. Nothing to bad, actually. Even the boss is easy.

People should not have troubles dealing with this. Life Vessel x 1 Gilded Falcon x 1 Monsters: They will eventually disappear somewhere, but you in control again.

From the starting point go all the way north past that blue block. At the end of the road there is a blue dragon holding an orb in its claws. Hit the orb and return to the blue block.

The block is now transparent and you can go through. From here go south to where some Pukus are and, after killing them or no, go into the transporter.

Save your game and replenish your health and magic if you need then go back to the dungeon. To get out of here you are going to have to push the rock furthest to the right south.

The rock will move and a ladder will magically appear. Go up this ladder and into the portal under the transparent blue block.

You are now in a corridor; walk south along this corridor and then north after you walk by the big rolling steel balls careful not to touch them.

Notice the three rocks to your left, you should push the one in the middle north to make another ladder appear at the bottom of the cliff to the left.

Jump back to the cliff, this time you want to drop down to the small, square cliff with the solitary rock in the middle. Push this rock west and a another ladder will appear in the cliff you dropped from just now.

Use this very same rock to climb back there and then go up the new ladder. Hit this dragon and then go back through the two bridges.

This time go through the transporter under the now transparent red block. You will appear in a cave. Kill then an a chest will appear, open it to find a key.

At this point return to the blue dragon and hit it I repeat, hit the dragon at this point. This time you should get to the bottom of the left cliff and climb it using the ladders.

After you get to the top, notice the square block to your right and the locked door. Use one of the keys to open the door and go in.

Walk towards the wooden ledge on you right and jump east. In this cave walk towards the big wooden door and open it with the key.

Walk north past a transparent blue block. Hit the flashing dragon and then go back down the stairs and use the now solid blue block to get to the chest on the small section to the right of the block.

With this key in hand, return to where the two dragons are and hit the other dragon. You will come across a chest with a Life Vessel inside, open it and claim it.

Then go into the transporter in the back of this room. Immediately grab the chest to your right containing a Gilded Falcon, and then go out of the cave.

Once out, head east down the stairs to where Bonaire is. When you get too close there will be another even with Sara and Bonaire. There are some zombies and a big steel jumping ball but they should pose no problem to your skills by now.

Get to the end of this road and then head north. Be ready because a boss battle is coming up next. Sara will talk a bit now, and then the fight starts.

Sara - 30 HP Sara has only 3 attacks. First, she will materialize 3 little energy spheres that she sends after you.

These spheres will lock onto your position before launching, but they will not deviate from their path after they start moving. Her other attack is similar to the previous one but this time all three spheres will materialize at the same time and thus they will move towards your position at the same time too.

You can easily dodge these two attacks by walking or running around. Sara has some physical attacks too. One of them is a tackle of sorts.

She will move in straight lines leaving blue shadows in her wake. Obviously she will only hurt you if she runs into you.

This attack is also easily dodged by walking around, and should she get too close to confort while she does this, a single hit with the dagger will be enough to knock her out of it.

If you do hit the real one, she will stop the attack immediately. Well, overall Sara is not very hard at all. It is worth noting that she does not, technically, have an invulnerability period after each hit.

More importantly, a single bomb will kill her yes, only one. The problem is that hitting her with a bomb is hard. However, if you think you are up to it or you just have mad skills like I do After the fight with Sara is over, head over to Bonaire and talk to him.

You wake up and you hear some loud noises. The following "Exploring x" section contains information all the way until Alundra gets the last chest in the desert before dungeon 6.

I decided to save them for "Exploring 6" when it will be a lot easier to get. Use a bomb to blown the tree trunk by the rock, then a little north west of this rock, there is a square block of stone.

Hit it with the Iron Flail to shatter it and head north past it. From here head north until you get to the entrance of the Coal Mine. There is another entrance exactly above the now blocked entrance, head there and go in.

You will, in time, get to a closed gate. Before proceeding through the now open gate, jump west to the narrow wooden platforms all the way to the chest you just saw.

This chest contains 30 Gilder. Kill them all and the block will disapper, granting you access. Go up the stairs now.

There will be a locked gate south of your position, and a pond with some Pukus east of it. Head to the pond.

In this pond you are required to kill 50 Pukus in order to open the gate you just saw Get the herb and head south through the gate you saw a while ago.

Surprisingly this door leads not to solid ground, but to the clean air of Torla. Open to chest to receive a Gilded Falcon, hit the lever, and leave this house.

Boulianne for the tip. Use the Iron Flain on it to smash it and continue north east from there until you get to a sign that reads "Torla Mountain.

Head back to the sign but this time climb the cliff in the north east direction towards a cliff with a single withered tree. From this cliff jump south to another cliff and when you get there walk east to another screen.

From your position walk east across a wooden bridge. After the second bridge head north until the top of the screen and then west to find two chests side by side.

From these chests head south more like south and a little east until you get to a sign with some directions. From this last sign head west.

In this cliff there is a chest with a Gilded Falcon inside, grab it and return to the last sign I talked about. Once back to the sign, head south to a new screen.

In this new screen, drop down to where the big stone arcs are, walk south under them until you get to a wooden fence and then drop down through a small gap in the left side of the fence.

Get it and drop all the way down. You might be surprised to find yourself behind the water mill. Keep walking west until you see one of those stones that the Iron Flail destroy and smash it.

Beyond the now destroyed stone lays a very simple road that leads north. There you will find 4 chest behind a thorny bush. Drop down to where the chest are and open them all; they have 30 Gilders inside each of them.

Now you can head to the famous bridge and cross it. After crossing the bridge head north along the easter wall. This chest has a Gilded Falcon inside.

Head south past the bridge the same one and then go east. You are now in some very high cliffs, drop all the way down those chests you see on your left will have to be gotten later and once you get to the bottom head east until you get to a house with a well in front of it.

Jump into the well and when you get to the botton of the well head east until you get to a chest. Open this chest to receive a Strength Elixyr; after opening this chest, head back out of the well and into the house.

This is what Lurvy sells: Lurvy actually has better deals than Naomi and he will sell you his armor. At any rate, buy the Leather Vest now.

After buying the Leathe Vest go out and then back inside, he will now have a Life Vessel for sale. Buy it for Gilder and then go back to the sign that reads "Cliff of Madness" if you are wondering, Wonder Essences can be bought here for Gilder after buying the Leather Armor and the Life Vessel.

This cave will take you to the Desert of Despair. Once in the Desert of Despair notice how the sand has the same effect on you as the shallw water , head all the way to the north west corner of this screen and go into the cave that will be awaiting you.

Inside that very simple cave you will find a chest south with the Sand Cape! Use the Sand Cape to get out of this cave through the opening in the wall.

Directly from the exit of the cave that held the Sand Cape, head south and jump to a platform with a chest containing 30 Gilder.

From this chest walk east until you walk by an skeleton, north of this skeleton there is a chest in a platform along with a rather big pyramid like structure.

Open this chest to obtain a Gilded Falcon. This ends this Exploring section. Go there and walk between the two northern most columns to be transported by two tornadoes to another section of the desert.

You will reach another screen with strong wind, this time blowing south. Use the pilars to reach the cliff to the south and then go south. The first time I played through Alundra I got stuck here for a good while although I blame the language barrier, but whatever.

This place also has one of the evilest things in the game: Since you are using a guide you will be o. You will be in a throne room with a skeleton in from of the throne.

You will see one of those purple transporters, use it to get to the save room. Replenish your health and magic if you need to then return to the dungeon.

Back in the dungeon, head back to the skeleton. There is nothing of importance in this room se head north through an opening in the northwest corner of this room.

Use it to get to the east platform and then jump your way towards the chest. After opening the chest head back to the skeleton near the beginning.

From the skeleton, head east all the way past another locked door until you get to a small panel on the floor. Step on it to activate it. Unfortunately, you are now trapped inside this room with 5 sand worms that you need to kill in order to get out of here.

The sandworms only have 6 HP so make short work of them and head west. You should head north through the now open door through a sand corridor all the way to the room with the two fireball throwing bird heads.

In this room walk east over the low walls until you get to the east wall. Open it to find another herb inside. Kill the sand worms if you like, and then head back to the skeleton by the throne.

From the skeleton head west again, but now that the door is open, head north through that corridor. Activate the levers in any order to open then gate, and then go up the stairs.

In this new room, witness the flashing panels with shapes on the floor. There are also some stones with these very same shapes around the room.

Naturally, what you want to do is put the stones on their respective panel. First head to the west platform by using the very small elevator to the west of the stairs.

Once there kill the mumm guard, grab the stones and throw them down to where the panels are. Use this stones to make a improvised stairs to get to the east platform where the two remaining stones are to make the stair, throw one stone on top of the other one.

Kill the two mummy guards and throw the stones towards the panels. Go down there and now put the stones where they belong.

Use this platform to get to that statue and examine it. This is the first of four statues that you need to examine.

At any rate, your health is full again , so head back to the now famous skeleton by the throne. Once you get to the skeleton, head north through either staircase and through either door they both lead to the same place.

Throw the stones in their matching panel and head east through the now gone gate. Notice that there are two kind of eyes; open eyes, and closed eyes.

The whole deal in this room is that if you step on any of the tiles with where there are open eyes, then the doors in both the north and south end of this room will be closed.

Oh yeah, there are also two fire spitting bird heads in here. At any rate walk over the closed eyes towards the north door in this room and enter.

This one is trickier than the rest so far though. Anyways, grab the star stone and use it to get to the water stone in the north west corner, and to the moon stone in the noth east corner.

As for the sun stone, well With the four stones in your hands now, put them in their respective panel. Another statue will appear, use any stone to get there and examine.

Head back to the room with the eyes on the floor. Once back walk over the closed eyes in the south east direction to where a barrel lays.

Grab this barrel and then walk north west to where a bird head is. Walk along this path until you get to two doors. Walk into the west door the one on the left.

Use the Sand Cape to squise under these holes and go to the section of this room where the vases are. Jump on these vases and from them onto the wall.

Now you can get to the chest on the east section. Open the chest to find an herb. Now head north and up the stairs. You are, once again, in a room with walls dividing it in 4 sections.

The 4 sections are: First go into the section with the sand worms and kill them all. Now grab the stone and throw it into the section with the firm ground, go there now.

Once there step on the firm ground and jump onto the rock. From the top of the rock is easy to get to the section with the stairs.

Go up the stairs when you get there. Kill them all to make a barrel fall from the ceiling or somewhere. Now, use this barrel to get to the lever, hit it and quickly use the same barrel to get to the now clear stairs to the north.

You have to do this quickly because eventually the lever will return to its original position and the gate will be closed again.

If this proves too hard, then use a bomb to activate the lever, this will give you about 4 more seconds to position the barrel in a appropriated position so you can get to the door.

Go up the stairs and now you are in a very small room with some bees; this room is void of anything of importance so head out through the south exit.

Once out, go and jump on the elevator to the north west. The elevator will take you to a small section with a chest containing a Gilded Falcon, and another statute.

Get the Gilded Falcon, examine the statue, and drop down. Once down head east to where the two doors side by side are. You are now in a room with a big sand pond in the middle; be mindful of the small holes on the southern parts of this pond of sand.

There are two ways to bypass these holes. You could use one of those barrels to jump over them do not throw the barrels on top of the holes, they will break.

Instead throw them just before them and them jump over these holes from the top of the barrels. Or you could just stick to the south wall and be done with them faster.

Under the rain again it seems Go in, of course. Inside there will be two mummy guards waiting for you. Kill them and head east to where a big boulder is being held by two vases.

Grab the vases and the boulder will roll down the stairs and shatter on contact with the wall; at this point head south and out of this room.

You are now on a fairly straightfoward path; follow it all the way until you get to an entrance. Yuu need to push the column all the way down to where the panels are.

Put the column over one panel and stand over the other with Alundra. This will cause the door to the north to open so go there now. You are, once again, knee deep in sand.

This room is fairly small, with only three bees, some stone columns of various heights, and a clear patch of floor in the north west corner.

First you need to kill the three bees; this will cause a barrels to fall into the room. Now grab the barrel and head over to the patch of firm ground.

Once there jump on top of the closest column to it. From this column jump south to another one, and then south west to a rather low column.

Once there throw the barrel on top of the light panel to activate it. This will cause an elevator to appear on the north east corner of the room. You are now in a small room with a single lever, four holes in each cardinal direction from the lever, a patch of firm ground in the south west corner, and an elevator in the north west corner.

When you hit the lever 2 barrels will fall into any of the two holes, and 2 steel balls will fall into the other two holes. So, you need to hit the lever and stand above one of the hole and hope yes hope , that a barrel will fall on your head instead of a steel ball.

In fact, this stupid room would throw barrels in the same holes over 15 times in a row, and as soon as I tried to get one of these barrels BOOM, a steel ball to the head.

In short, you have 5 chances to get at least 2 barrels. I would love to be proven wrong though. At any rate, once you get two barrels, make a bridge from the south west corner to the north west corner and get on the elevator.

Just grab the stones and throw them on top of their respective panels. Do not worry, you have plenty of time oh yeah, two of the rocks are hidden by the small flowers Use the key to open the door and go out to the rain again.

Examine it and then head back to Good, let us carry on. Go into the hole. Get on top of the platform and use bombs to activate all four levers.

This will cause a block on the east side of the room to raise, and in doing so, revealing a path east Step on it to actiave it. This room has the now familiar panels with shapes on it plus their respective stones.

The only difference is that these panels are constantly switching their shapes. At any rate, kill all the mummy guards and the four familiar stones will fall down by the panel.

Notice the huge half buried mummy? At any rate, jump into the whole in front of you to get to a small room with some more flashing panels that change their shapes and the stones.

The star stone goes in the south panel, the moon stone goes in the west panel, the water stone in the east panel, and finally the sun stone on the north panel remember to time them so that they land on when the appropriated shape is displayed.

Once back in the room with the boss notice how the sand level went down? The correct positions are: Rocks will start to rain here too so go back to the boss room.

The boss if free now so jump down to where it is and prepare to duke it out. I mean, he has exaclty the same attacks, and exactly the same HP.

The only difference is that this time, and only due to the sand, he is faster than you are. In spite of these handicaps, this fight is actually easier than the first fight.

Well, for starters you now have more health so you can endure more punishment, also the Iron Flail is in your hands and with it you can inflict 3 HP of dagame while keeping yourself at a relatively safe distance.

More importantly, you have access to magic this time. The Earth Attack will inflict a whopping 12 HP of damage, and if you have been following this guide, you should have two Magic Seeds by now; that translates to 24 HP of damage in less than 5 seconds.

Oh, and if you find it difficult to move in the sand, simply jump like a monkey, Alundra will move about much faster that way. After the demise of the Shrine Guardian, head west and through that door.

Everything I said before applies to this one. I will say nothing further, except godspeed, my friend, godspeed. You have just entered the second to last room of this dungeon so rejoice.

This room is also very straightfoward. The exit of this room is in the north west corner, this exit will take you back to the room with the holes so you can try again and again and again.

In this, the final room, there is another throne. There is a guy in front of the throne and some guards 8 of them in front of him. Regardless of the method you used, when they are all vanquised go over to the skeleton and talk to him again.

These chest do have the goods there are no herbs here. And with this, the Ancient Shrine is over. Fortunarely, you now have the Long Boots so you can walk and jump normally on sand and water too.

You always have the option of skipping the next section but I do not recommend it. Kohei will basically provide music test services, so go there if you want to listen to any piece of music in the game.

He will acquire them as the game progresses. After returning from the Ancient Shrine with the Long Boots. If you use them you will be able to travel to any part of Torla in a flash.

They are very handy specially while writing this guide. Oh well, let us explore now. From where you appear after taking the transporter in the Ancient Shrine head north west, as if you were going to the cave where you found the Sand Cape.

East of the entrance of this cave there wil be a passage leading north, go there and head north. Walk north until you get to a tall wall, please notice and remember the stone building that should be to your left right now, do not go in yet, but remember where it is because you will be going in there in a while.

From the entrance of this building, head east past a chest on a hight platform. From the cliffs you can get to the chest. This chest contains a Strength Elixyr so get it or not and then head north east again.

This time, when you get to the cliff, head north instead of south. Get to that chest and open it to receive 30 Gilders.

Now from this chest head west by jumping on top of those stone pilars to your left. Go there and open it to find a Gilded Falcon.

Your goal is to get to the top of this structure. It may be hard to believe after half an hour of trying, but this jump is actually doable it will even become easy to do.

Open the chest to find the Sluice Key. With the key in hand head back to that stone structure I told you to remember.

Once you get to the stone bulding go inside and open the stone door with the Sluice Key. All you have to do here is activate the two levers at the same time like the sign says.

To acomplish this set a bomb by one lever and go hit the other yourself time it. Once done, the sluice will open and water will start to flow through it.

Your work here is done so head back out. Walk through this hole to find yourself in a long corridor with some freaky statues by the walls.

Go all the way in to meet Berue. At this point Berue will test you to see if you are the real Relaser. What follow are 5 rounds of the traditionla game of memory.

All this means is that the megaliths will now have a blue portal inside of them. If you step in any of these portals you will be transported to a special room with a save diary in it.

All of the other megaliths will be in this room, but they will be "off". Once you are back in the desert, head north east towards some stairs that will take you out of this damned desert.

After going up the stairs I just mentioned you will be at the bottom of a huge and I mean huge statue of what appears to be some dude but turns out to be a diety called Nirude.

Go inside to reach the room I described a while ago you might want to save too Go and open it to receive a Strength Tonic and yes, I know you probably have one already.

From this chest, head west and into a door carved in what appears to be a gigantic foot. Once inside head west one screen. You are now in a small corridor with 3 statues of a guy sitting.

Walk towards the last statue to the west and watch the short event. After you regain control position yourself west of that statue and push it east to reveal a door.

Go into this door to get to another corridor. Once there go through the door. You are now in a very small room with a single chest and a tranquil water pond.

Open the chest to find a Gilded Falcon. For the time being, you are done with this place so head back out and towards the desert.

You will have to watch another event in your way out. Once there go to the southern western most corner of the screen, there you will find a small cliff surrounded by water.

Since you have the Long Boots, you are now able to jump onto this cliff and travel west. After you have incremented your max HP go to the Swamp.

Well, now you can get to it so do it; open it to find a Strength Tonic. This chest with the Strength Tonic is the last chest of this exploring section.

All that is left to do now is open the remaining megalith portals. From this chest head west and cross the river the one that is beyond the tree trunk that must be blown away with a bomb , after crossing the river head north until you get to the megalith.

From here head to the Water Mill, west of it you will find yet another megalith. And the last thing you need to do now is open the last megalith portal of this section which is located directly west of the entrance to Magyscar.

Nothing in particular really, but it just feels good. You have no idea how much I wanted to freaking swim before I got to this point maybe you do.

The boss is also very good, posing a challenge for the uninitiated or careless. Nothing more to say about this place.

One of them will not break when you thrown it unless you hit an enemy. Grab the one that does not break and walk west. Destroy the stones there, while leaving enough so you can get to the high cliff.

East of this chest there is a block of stone, destroy it and use the sturdy rock to get to the cliff left of the recently destroyed stone.

Once on the cliff stick to the northern wall and travel east until you get to another entrance, and yes you are supposed to go in there.

You just went in a big room with a huge hole in the middle and two moving platforms circling around. Once in the northern section, kill the Gragg and head towards the lever to your right.

You will get to a room with some spikes on the north east side, a piece of woord towars the north and a lot of water further north. Grab the piece of wood and throw it on top of the spikes, get to the chest by stepping on the wood to find a key inside.

Once you have the key head back to the room with the big hole in the middle, and when you get there jump into the hole.

Open this door with the key and go through. Once active it should turn yellow. This time head north west along the side of the water until you get to some more stones, destroy them to reveal another cave that you must go into.

Once inside you will see a gigant rotating steel ball chained to a stone column, there will also be two Turtles in here.

Notice that on top of the stone column there is another panel that you must hit. You can do this either by hittnig it with a rock, or by destroying the column and then hitting it with something.

This one should turn red wait until it stops flashing to leave the room. You are now in a small room with some Turtles and a high cliff to the east.

Kill the Turtles and the last pedestal will fall on top of the cliff. Hit this one with the Iron Flail or with a rock, it should turn green.

From the exit of the last room head west while destroying all the stones you see, you will want to go into the first door that you find doing this which will by after destroying some stones by two rocks.

Go inside and walk east past the stones on the floor and the Graggs towards a staircase leading down. Go downstairs when you get there.

Downstairs head north east and get onto a platform when you get there, this platform will raise and you will able to get onto the walls and the big platform in the middle.

Once with the Merman Boots in your power, head back to the room with the spikes, the chest, and the water where you got a key a while ago. Well, now you can swim so go there and open it to find an Herb.

From there jump into the water and head east. Keep swiming east past the Sludges until you get to a tall cliff with some Graggs on it, and a locked door.

Kill the Graggs and grab the barrel left of the locked door, use this barrel to reach the top of a cliff to the east. From this cliff jump onto the moving platform and keep going east.

You will be in a room with some more cracked platforms. Use them and go south quickly towards a cliff with a chest and a Turtle.

Now, head back to the locked door in the previous room. In the new room head west after destroing the stones and go up the latter at the end careful with the Turtles , once up the ladder head north towards the opening.

This will lead you to a big room. From the entrance head north all the way until you find some stone columns, destroy them to reveal a barrel that is located behind them.

Pick this barrel up and carry it to the south east corner of this room do not get hit. To get the ball to move in the direction you need at this point, position yourself north of it exactly north of it , and right after it has passed by you, quickly run towards the column and smash it.

If you did it correctly the ball will travel east and land just by the cliff. Once on top of the cliff head north. Keep walking north until you get to a wooden bridge with a lever in the middle.

Cross the bridge and hit the lever to make 4 Gragg appear two at each side of the bridge. Kill them and continue walking west.

Go inside to a small room; this room only has a single chained steel ball, three Gragg, and a chest. Kill the Gragg, destroy the stone column chained to the ball, and head over to the chest.

Open it to find a Gilded Falcon. Once you get it you can head back to the sign by the bridge. From this sign head north east through an opening.

You are now in a room with two rotating chained steel balls, and some turtles.



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