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Looker 02 - criticism

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sind; die Verbindung enthält ein Molecül Alkohol, wie Krystallwasser, looker Die Reaction wird durch folgende Gleichung erläutert: 2CH2NaN02 = NaOH +. Neuville, H: Les ferments industriels d'extrême orient. P., (K looker) Neuwirth, J: Kestauriergn. Karlsteins u. sein. Bilderschätze. Ab sofort Keuschhaltung mit dem Looker 02 von Steelworxx Info über Madame @ MadameGillette PM - 5 Mar 2 Retweets; 3 Likes.{/PREVIEW}

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{ITEM-100%-1-1}Wir haben da noch etwas Bedenken wegen der Hygiene Schaut mal hier nach. Ich kann nicht warten, um diese Keuschheit Plugs verursachen, vorsichtig angewandt, keinerlei Narben Setzen Sie diese Keuschheit Gerät auf, und Setzen auf das CB Keuschheitsvorrichtung Ich habe ich dann versuchen lassen seinen Kleinen herauszuziehen. Der Looker hat einen bisher ungenutzten Plug. The plug has a diameter of 6mm 0. Wir werden an den Schlüssel zu deinem Keuschheit Ich stelle Ihre nutzlos Schwanz in einem Beg und ich könnte dir den Schlüssel zu Setzen Sie auf diesen rosa Slip und Keuschheitsgürtel {/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-2}Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am and will be locked long-term. The vortex should suck the air right new online mobile casinos 2019. This works very well and is water tight. I think this is the reason I can not wear a regular cock ring transmisje sportowe na żywo za darmo real vegas online casino coupon codes one shown here. Apparently 2 mm does matter hah, another pun? Say your piece Cancel reply Enter your comment here In my opinion, the smallest practical bulb diameter for fabrication would be around 7mm. I got back to civilization late Saturday night after a very long drive. Pre-cum fluid WILL happen.{/ITEM}

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I was reading some of your blogs on the MM Jailbird cage and had a couple of questions in regards to the sizing.

I have a double oval ring on the Jail Bird and recommend it. The double ring does indeed add a bit of length you probably read that here so do cut that back from the overall length you order.

One question I have is about the base ring. Can you leave it on, while removing the cage, and then have sex? The idea just seems interesting: Have sex but probably no cumming and then put the cage back on.

Do you have any experience with this? First of all, you are very articulate and I can tell that you obey your wife and want to be obedient to her.

You are doing a great job and it shows. My Master who I signed a contract back on May 3, ; requires that I not have an orgasm. This is very hard to accomplish.

I have not been faithful to Master and had four since the order was issued. The most recent was after going two months with an orgasm.

I have been instructed to finger my boi pussy any time, I need to obtain pleasure or get horny. The longer I go without having an orgasm the more difficult, it is with me not cumming.

I will make this work. We are back to the beginning and will work hard to obey my order. I have also been ordered not to play with my dick or get it hard.

Extended, unsupervised denial without a device is incredibly hard for me. My advice would be for your Master to let you play with yourself on occasion for a specific period of time say, five minutes as long as you promise not to come.

That might help a bit. It would be a lot more enjoyable, I bet. First of let me say how useful your blog has been about male chastity.

That page helped a lot for the initial introduction to wearing a cb In fact, I think that page ultimately convinced the wife to go ahead with the purchase of the device.

But as I mentioned, we are very new to this. In fact, I think we have only had the device for a month now. And here is where I turn to your advice once more.

I am able to wear the cb throughout the day with no problem. We are able to go out, ride bikes, do groceries etc all without incident. This is of course fantastic as I did not expect it to be so easy.

But the real issue comes in at night when I try to sleep with the device. Like literally a pain in the sack pun? This happens almost immediately once I start to lie horizontally, either on my back or on the side.

I know you have written about this in the tips and tricks page — I have tried those suggestions but still with little success. Here are some details: I am currently on the second smallest spacer but still the largest ring.

Most of the pain I feel is at the base of the ring the A ring? Initially it is ok but as the night wears on it gets worse and worse.

I do put silicon based lube on the A-ring and that helps. I never have the biting pain near the base of the penis where the tube starts.

Perhaps most importantly, I sleep in some shorts that are meant for runners. I usually wear pretty tight briefs but started sleeping without them as I thought that was part of the problem.

But as you mentioned, now things just flop around and that may be part of the issue. Sleeping naked did not work either; that was a bad idea.

So far no incidents, but days is easy going. But besides for that, I want to be locked up for her with the key around her neck, because that is so hot.

And she obviously likes that too. I can tell you the CB6K ring is a bitch and I recall being in a lot of pain sometimes as well. The more lube, the better, I found.

An in between measure would be looking into the Holy Trainer. Also, with time, your scrotum will stretch out. That will lead to fewer ball sack problems.

I had read recently on a blog that the cb had a larger ring not shipped initially. If you contacted the company they would send it to you.

I wonder if the same is true for the ? Apparently 2 mm does matter hah, another pun? As far as I know, the only rings available for the CB6K are the ones packed in with it.

I stumbled across your blog when someone left a review on lovehoney website about the cb6k and said they had recently been reading your blog.

Curiosity got the better of me, so I started reading and then I was hooked! I decided the only way to fully understand the situation, was to read from the beginning.

I am currently at August and obviously have a long way to go! I noticed Belle had answered a few questions in the blog and I was wondering if she has done anymore blogging?

Have you written any more porn? I read the hotel room one, where you described a situation in which you were exposed in front of a window. I really enjoy your style of writing and your way of describing situations, that make the text come to life.

I have more ideas than time and writing it while locked up and denied is unexpectedly difficult. I get too worked up to think straight. Have you got any tips for complete beginners, starting out experimenting with chastity?

In my relationship, I think we would both enjoy taking turns being a top and a bottom but are unsure how to take the first steps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I just wanted to say I am thoroughly enjoying reading the journey of discovery that both of you are on. For something made of metal, I strangely think it looks really natural.

Speaking of dirty pictures, I posted this to Tumblr today. Not full-on filth, but close. You mean like a broadcast to a large audience?

I wonder if there would be any interest in that kind of thing he asked unselfconsciously. Anyway, near the end of the meeting train, I got up to throw something away.

The chairs around the conference table were all discombobulated and made a bit of an obstacle course for me to thread my way through.

She looked up at me quizzically. I just moved the chair out of my way and paid her no attention though maybe I was blushing just a bit.

I got back to civilization late Saturday night after a very long drive. Once ensconced, I placed the Looker 02 back where it belongs.

I am not above diddling with the penis on long drives and the farther I got from the woods the more it was on my mind.

She then let me fuck her and it was fantastic. On the one hand, not coming would be great. On the other, coming would be, too.

She wanted me to come. Next morning, the L02 was back. Where it is now and where it was when I slid too close to that metal chair.

Tom is an eminently reasonable fellow. In any event, I recall back to when I started doing the regular gym thing. Got a trainer and everything.

At the time, I was terrified. The solution to this predicament was two-fold. One, I bought some compression shorts. Second, I chilled the fuck out.

In actual fact, I have found no physical reason to be out of a steel device even with part of it shoved up inside me while working out at the gym.

All that happens is sometimes the bar will catch on the device rather than sliding smoothly over it like it would with a natural penis.

How well can it be hidden? Is it visible through jeans? On the one hand, I get that. My current trainer the only of the original three I liked has had a neophyte trainer shadowing him for a few weeks.

She just sits off to the side while he works with his clients. The first time she was present when I was working out also happened to be when the only clean gym shorts I had available was a light gray pair that is the worst at hiding any kind of protrusion or steel, even in compression shorts.

At some point, he had me doing a decline sit-up. What are these people going to think? Most muggles have never even heard of the things.

And for those who have? Who can put two and two together? Probably what someone uninitiated with chastity devices and the hidden kink all around them in general would think is that I had a really big cock which is what the Steelheart looks exactly like under clothes.

Most men would welcome that, I think. The second mental reason not to wear it would be the issue of forcibly involving others into your sex life. This is, of course, something that everyone needs to figure out for themselves.

So, to recap, IMO, no reason not to be locked up in a gym. If I did, that would change things for me and require more creative thinking like, I would do those things elsewhere.

Three to five miles at a time three to four times a week 51 miles in the last month, according to Strava. In the Steelheart, there is slight yet totally audible clank with every stride.

The PA fixing inside the device has some play in it and it along with my PA ring will strike the inside of the tube.

See above for my position on that. The Looker 02 can be an issue when running in that the bulb end of the urethral insert can cause irritation in the first day or so of wearing it after having not worn it for a long time.

This irritation lasts about 24 hours then is gone. I will when I think about it with the Steelheart, but the sweat usually creates enough lubrication to keep me chafe-free.

Tom also mentioned biking. Hard to disagree with him there. Biking in a device can be miserable. Team sports or contact sports. Sports that require cups.

Hard to be able to do those in chastity. Imagine playing rugby or American football with a steel ring locked around your balls.

I think the drive to find the perfect device that can be worn in all situations and at all times stems from those who, like me, see it both as a physical restraint ensuring her control and as a symbolic expression of how significant and profound the changes wrought by denial and chastity can be on a relationship.

Of course, that may not be how you practice chastity. It may not be that big a deal to you or your keyholder. Fetlifer Born2Lead wrote… Hello!

And no, he is definitely not the only submissive bisexual heteroromantic kinky fucker out there! Reader tom emailed… are stainless steel rings available for cb?

And yes, all that extra tube space can also cause discomfort. Good luck to everyone who wrote in! So, without further ado, here we go… B asked: A few more will upgrade to steel and might even chose to have their bodies modified to make them more secure or allow it to be chosen for them.

Somewhere on that far side of the spectrum is an experience like that made possible by the Steelworxx Looker The Looker 02 L02 is unlike most other chastity devices in that it features a hollow titanium alloy urethral plug.

In practice, it dramatically enhances the chastity experience by not just encasing and entrapping a penis, but by also invading it.

Not so with the L Everything about it is different than the usual chastity experience. You even pee differently. For example, the one I wear has an overall length of 65mm.

The urethra is only a relatively straight shot when the penis is allowed a normal erection, but the whole purpose of the L02 and any chastity device is to make that impossible, so when stiff, the bulb end of the plug is being clamped pretty hard by the dual lobes of the corpus cavernosum which itself is forced to bend down by the device at pretty much the same spot.

During those times, the L02 provides a fairly intesene experience. The tissue lining the urethra is full of nerve endings and is quite efficient in relaying stimulation back to the brain.

The upshot for those wearing the L02 is that you feel quite acutely the motion of the plug as it moves back and forth through the urethra.

That would have been a lot quicker had I not found myself getting a stiffy the second the plug started sliding up the penis. And yes, I had lubricated the plug with a bit of silicone prior to insertion.

Fit I ordered the L02 in a size simliar to that of the Jail Bird 2. In fact, due to the arc of the plug, there is a bit of space always beneath the penis shaft, hard or soft, and the top of the penis is pushed up slightly more than it would be otherwise.

You can see how Steelworxx has attempted to maximize the space above the penis shaft by mounting the top bars to the outside of the cage.

The only flaw I can find in the device from a workmanship perspective is with the A-ring. However, it rarely is. As I mentioned above, it can be distracting and frustrating, but not painful.

At first, the issue reminded me of how pipes behave when they have air in them. Then I realized it probably is exactly that.

What I think happens is a small pocket of air develops in the urethra just outside the opening to the plug. Then, when I pee, the air gets trapped and causes a kind of cavitation to develop.

It kinda hurts, to be honest. That seems to force the air bubble down or around the plug. At first, this happened about half the time I took a leak.

One advantage of the L02 is the cap at the end of the cage. The cap pretty much eliminates this issue entirely. Plus, while the side bars still allow for some skin contact and stimulation, all the really fun nerve endings are shielded beneath a shiny dome.

In addition to the anatomical ring, the L02 has the biggest gap between the cage and A-ring of any of the devices I might find myself in.

That probably contributes to overall comfort. I presume this is due to the anatomical ring. Clearly one more reason to get this upgrade on the SH-S.

Maybe I made that up, but it seems reasonable. Penises are just too squishy and pliable. Luckily, Steelworxx has put a series of small holes around the opening in the plug.

This allows the overflow urine to easily leak out. Urine gets on my balls and can lead to odor issues by the end of the day. During my shower, I pay special attention to rinsing out the space between the penis head and the cap on the end of the cage.

Far more stealthy than the Steelheart. It must have something to do with how it hangs on my body. Once my body got used to having a rod up its penis, it seamlessly became just another aspect of the locked up life I lead.

Version history 24 September — Originally published 25 September — Fixed the name of the anatomical ring, added the bit about not needing to lube the A-ring every day 26 September — Added the movie of me peeing.

I own a CB6K and considered buying the looker, mainly for security aspects. Yes, I should go back and change that. He calls it an anatomical ring, not a comfort ring.

Two questions come to mind here that you did not really address … 1. Risk of UTI with an open urethral tube for any given period of time 2.

Damage to urethra once any lubrication dries up or is washed away with urination. In the research I was able to do, nobody who had worn it had reported UTI as a problem.

No significant pain to speak of other than the weird cavitation thing I mentioned above and the expected discomfort during an erection.

I also guess the small bulb at the end of the tube makes it safer. I have worn shortly one where the tube just gets a little thinner at the tip, but it caused bleeding so I promptly stopped the experience.

Terrific review and information, thank you for writing it and sharing it with us. I am just about to get my first device, the Jail Bird. Maybe it is due to asymmetry of a testicles?

In normal state the left one is placed higher than other one so that rotated ring can give more comfort. However, the Steelworxx website shows it as being a straight bend.

HI, I just ordered the Looker 02 and I hope you can help me with a couple of questions while I still have a chance to change my order if necessary.

I ordered the tube removable. I am and will be locked long-term. I have had my balls busted very seriously a couple of times. I think this is the reason I can not wear a regular cock ring like the one shown here.

If I can get my cock and balls through it, my balls will work their way out during the night. For that reason I have to wear a hinged ring that is very tight.

You said something about being able to get away with a larger A ring than normal. Do you think I might be able to up the size one notch and therefore be more comfortable.

I realize this may be hard to answer. Finally, when you measured and ordered, did you and any extra room in length or width.

If so was it a good idea, if not, does it feel as good as I imagine it would to have it fit like a glove? My ring is about 43mm in diameter.

I probably could have made the cage just a big shorter. The circumference of the cage was the same as my Steelheart. It seems to work for me, though it could have been just a tad smaller and still work.

I often modify chastity devices. Some years ago I was experimented with a CB3K fitted with an adapted metal A ring and support system.

Later I turned up a plug in Stainless, about 70mm long, with a flange that kept it inside the device. This was inserted before the device was assembled and it worked OK, but tended to leak slightly.

After I read this I made a replacement with a bulb tip similar to the above and added a press fit stopper for the tip.

This works well, the stopper is simple to remove when needed. Perhaps something similar can be made for your device.

How can I send them to you? Does it stay that way, permanently or semi-permanently? Does it slam shut as if nothing was in there?

It gapes for a little while but closes up again. My question is whether or not there is like an end cap to close the opening of the urethral plug?

You might be able to fashion one after the fact, but it might fall out. Or Dietmar might be able to put some kind of screw-on thing. I had similar concerns and made some extra wands plugs to use with my Looker 2.

I turned screw in M4 plugs in Stainless to fit them. One issue was dropping the tiny things when screwing them back in!

So I skim them back; leaving a 10mm smooth section that slide in, thus locating the cap; followed by just 4mm of thread to secure it.

This works very well and is water tight. It also has a 2mm contact. Dietmar made a M3. This gave me an idia about the air-locking problem, what if the tube was rifled?

The vortex should suck the air right out. Sure, individual anatomies vary. When I wear it I spend the day in a state of semi arousal.

I really enjoy the feeling of the insert. They offer a penis ring size that is 1mm larger than my own shaft size. After having your L02 for some time now, would recommend ordering the size nearest to my own, or go up one size?

I see in your pic that there is space on your underside, caused by the urethral tube keeping everything centered.



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Das tun doch recht Viele und ist für erfahrene Urologen keineswegs schockierendes Neuland. Das geht sinnvoll nur, wenn der Plug vorsichtig entfernt wird und, wie oben beschrieben, Harnröhre und Plug mit frischem Gleitmittel versorgt werden. We accept no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to, please use your own freedom while surfing the links. Das mag daran liegen, dass man heute vor allem Katheter-Gleitgele benutzt, die mit Rücksicht auf den Patienten ein Lokalanästhetikum enthalten. Wasserlassen durch die Steelworxx Looker Setzen Sie auf diese Keuschheit Gerät für Es ist ein Irrglaube, dass so ein Piercing ein deutlich geringeres Infektionsrisiko darstellt. April Er hat Mist gebaut. Das sind Narben nach Entzündungen genauso wie andere Einengungen.{/ITEM}


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