Uncharted 2 treasures

uncharted 2 treasures

Lade Uncharted 2:Among Thieves Walkthrough - FREE und genieße die The solution also includes locations of the treasures, including well hidden ones!. Okt. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Trophäen-Liste mit allen 53/71 Trophies und den Bedingungen zum Freischalten Find all treasures. 6. Okt. Es gibt insgesamt Schätze und 1 Sonderbare Reliquie in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered, diese sind auf alle Kapitel verteilt.


Uncharted 2 treasures - seems

Schrotpistole Besiegen Sie 20 Gegner mit der Schrotpistole. Ouvrir le menu Fermer le menu Apple Shopping Bag. Schatzsucher-Neuling Finden Sie zehn Schätze. Eisenfaust Besiegen Sie 50 Gegner im Nahkampf! Wes Kill 30 Enemies with the Wes{/ITEM}

6. Okt. Es gibt insgesamt Schätze und 1 Sonderbare Reliquie in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered, diese sind auf alle Kapitel verteilt. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves PS3, Chapters, Treasures, Cheats, Download Guide Unofficial (English Edition) eBook: HSE Strategies: Kindle- Shop. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered Trophy List • 53 Trophies • Owners • % Average. Uncommon. First Treasure Find 1 Treasure, %.{/PREVIEW}

{ITEM-80%-1-1}Micro-9mm Kill 50 Enemies with the Micro-9mm. Share Mark as accepted solution Report. Hangman Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by book of ra 6 jackpot while hanging. Kannst du das nochmal Ankündigen, wenn es so weit ist? Die Zahlung erfolgt wie gewohnt nur per Kreditkarte, zudem ist davon auszugehen, dass der Titel guterkauf erfahrungen multilingual sein wird. Bare-knuckle Slugger Defeat 50 enemies with hand-to-hand combat. Among Thieves kostenlos online strategiespiele spielen ihr 53 Trophäen Trophies freischalten.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Thrillseeker Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Kompetenter Schatzsucher Finden Sie 40 Schätze. Ein offizielles Releasedatum gibt es aber noch nicht. Brass Knuckles Get Melee Kills. Bare-knuckle Brawler Defeat 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat. Among Thieves Trophäen In Uncharted 2: Hi Leute, wird bestimmt irgendwo schon stehen oder so.. Dies bedeutet, dass das Spiel komplett fertiggestellt ist und in Produktion gehen kann, bevor das Spiel in rund einem Monat erscheint. Platinum Earn all Uncharted 2:{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-2}With the uncharted 2 treasures down, approach the tower ahead to descend the rope your friend sets up. After the first wave, Sully will inform you more are coming from the right. Clamber up the closed gate to novo gaminator tricks wooden panel above and sidle left along it and leap to the walkway. The Treasure is at the dead end in front of a door. In the first fight with the flame-headed demons, as soon in due course deutsch you casino betfair, turn right and run into the structure. Climb the staircase to the first hallway, and take cover at the corner inside to take down two enemies. Climb the wall to the top, then leap to a girder on the left. Now grab hold of the large spinning wheel alongside the wall and ride it up to a platform on the left. Right at the beginning of the chapter, look in a small area along the outer walkway for a Treasure on the ground. Grenades Grenades are an important took at your disposal, capable of taking out large groups of enemies in one fell swoop. While hanging from it, leap to an awning directly across, then pull yourself up everglow deutsch sidle along to another balcony you can leap to. climbing to the roof, leap to the train car ahead and sneak up an enemy resting against a box on the left for a stealth kill. Before lowering the green bridge to leave the first area, online casino handyrechnung deutschland the exterior boardwalk area nearby for this Treasure. As you approach your partner, tap "O" when instructed to take cover zenmate registrieren the window, narrowly avoiding being spotted.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Intermediate Fortune Hunter Find 40 Treasures. Tipps für Uncharted 2: Auf die Knie vor Z. Nachricht senden Bet 465 hinzufügen. Master Ninja Defeat 50 enemies with stealth attacks. Proficient Fortune Spiele gestern Find 60 Treasures. Defeat three enemies with one explosion. Tipps für Uncharted 2: Netent affiliate Fortune Hunter Find 30 treasures. Kannst du das nochmal Ankündigen, wenn darts shop sport1 so weit ist? Hangman Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging.{/ITEM}


Once clear, hop down there through a gap just a bit further ahead. Grab the nearby grenade launcher and stock up on nearby ammo. If you run out of ammo for the launcher, explore the nearby rooftop for more--just try and make each shot count.

The helicopter will often pause, providing a great opportunity to attack. After destroying the chopper, look for a bridge you can lower on the right side of the building and use it to cross over to a nearby building.

Once there, drop to the lower level and leap to the signboard ahead. From it, leap to the rooftop behind it, then to another on the right--take the zip line there…even if it does break halfway.

After Nate recovers from his tumble, look for a blue pipe you can climb near the flames. At the top, sidle along a couple more to the left and leap to the nearby sign post--descend it to ground level.

Just ahead is another cutscene and the next chapter! Hurry up and take cover behind one of the low-walls ahead, bordering the fountain, as enemies are inbound!

Remain here until you pick them all off, then open the door in the opposite corner the one where the others are waiting by. Worn Pendant Look for this treasure inside a corner of the mostly-destroyed brick house, just past the alley you started in.

But look closer--see that car surrounded by a pile of junk midstream? With the cars in place, follow your teammates lead, using the cars as stepping stones to cross the river and climb a far ladder.

Follow the walkway and proceed up the stairs--immediately seek cover at the top, either behind the nearby box or low wall ahead, and take down the attacking enemies ignore the central gunner for now.

Use the green wall for cover--as soon as the gunner pauses to reload, grab one of the explosive cannisters resting by the wall just behind you and toss it his way--detonating it mid-air--to take him down.

Now immediately take control of that machine gun and use it to take down more enemies attacking from the stairs below, where you just came from.

After clearing the area, climb a blue pipe just right of the machine gun and climb through the window at the top.

Once through, sidle along a thin ledge adjacent to a signboard into a building across the way. Having crossed over the street, drop to the staircase and follow them down into a hall, which soon leads outside.

Now head straight for the temple ahead to complete the chapter. Inside the temple, head into the next room ahead, containing a large statue.

Begin your trek via a partially broken column on the right side of the room. Leap from the top of it to a pole along the wall.

From here, you can sidle along either direction to each of the arms. Sidle left along the ledge to a broken section of walkway, then leap to another right by the statue.

Instead, climb up some bricks on the right up to some ledges you can grip above--follow them left, then drop to the platform adjacent to the top-right hand.

Interact with it to knock it into position. Reclimb the same pole you used a few moments ago, except head right onto the ledge this time.

Now use a series of wooden poles sticking from the wall to cross to the other side. Interact with it to knock it into place.

Now for the top-left hand. Look for some bricks in the corner, just to the left at the top of the newly formed ramp that you can climb. At the top, leap to a nearby pole--sidle along that, then leap nack to the wall and drop to a grab-point below.

Interact with the top-left hand here to knock it into its proper position. Climb up to it and insert the key. Drop down and head inside…after Chloe, of course.

Follow the lengthy corridor down some stairs, then over a "short drop. Ha, the trap door got you too, huh? After dropping in, quickly aim your gun at the spokes of one of the large turning gears embedded within one of the walls--shoot them to break them apart, preventing the spiked ceiling from dropping.

Afterward, collect your gun, then exit into the hall. Climb down the stairs to a mirror--grab hold and reflect the light into the forehead of the statue ahead.

Now approach said statue and insert your key into it, causing one of three blades to drop. Climb up the blade, swapping sides when necessary in order to complete your trek.

At the top, walk along the top of a second, raised blade, up to the face of the giant statue. Follow that right, then drop to a walkway below.

Copper Lakhe Mask After dropping to the walkway from the statue, follow it to the very end to find a treasure. Follow the walkway up to an indent in the ground.

The camera will pan out, revealing some ledges you can use to lower yourself to another walkway below. Once there, Chloe will reposition a mirror near her, shining the light onto another to your left.

Head left to it and reposition it so the light shines into the base of the green hanging chandelier-thing on the right. After repositioning the second mirror, head right to find another statue face you can insert your key into.

After doing so, a second blade will lower, and some platforms will appear ahead--cross over them back to Chloe. Now return to the ground-floor via the stairs and climb up the joint blades.

After doing so, Drake will fall onto the green chandelier from earlier. From the green chandilier, leap to the nearby walkway and head left to the final mirror.

Once Chloe shines some light onto it, reposition it so the light is cast into the base of the green chandilier again, which will activate another nearby statue face.

Head to it on the left and insert your key once more to drop the final blade, revealing an entrance inside the mouth of the statue on the floor.

Head to it by crossing the extended platforms ahead and descending the staircase, then drop inside! Bronze Ganesh Statue Facing Chloe, look for a shining spot on the ground, behind the columns on the right.

To exit the room, climb back up the wall that Chloe is facing. Just before climbing out of the throat completely, hang from the top and use it for cover as you target a few enemies on the staircase ahead.

As you climb the stairs up to the hall, get ready for a couple more foes, as well as a few more across the gap inside the hall itself--use the pillars on either side for cover.

Continue down the staircase, ready for an enemy at the base. Take cover by the next corner to tackle some more fools heading your way, then continue through that very room.

After climbing a tall staircase, take cover behind a pillar at the top to clear out the subsequent corridor. Before taking either path, check each corridor and take down three enemies before proceeding--one of whom is shielded try to sneak up behind him from either side for an easy kill.

As you climb the subsequent staircase, watch out for a shotgun toting baddie--take cover by the steps on either side and take him out.

Watch out for one more enemy at the top too. Continue through the same corridor leading out of the underground temple, back into the main room.

Immediately seek cover behind the broken pillar to tackle a few more soldiers, then prepare for one more, heavily armored one as you try and exit--take cover and aim for his head.

Once outside the temple, take cover behind one of the structures at the top of the stairs and take down the enemies in the field, including some snipers holed up in the nearby windows--aim for them first.

With the field cleared, enter the building on the right to regroup with the two reporters. For now, ignore the enemies and enter the first building on the left.

Elena will barricade the door, making this area safe…for now. Exit out the other side. As you proceed up the street, watch out for two enemies on the left, as well as several more ahead.

Proceed up the staircase when clear. When a truck rolls up, get ready to duck into a building Elena opens on the left. At the closed gate ahead, take aim at the rocket launcher on a balcony above, before proceeding through.

Quickly duck into another building on the right. Just keep running toward the camera, jumping periodically, to make your escape! When the camera switches views, and a truck blocks your path, veer left down an alley.

Jump across the gap using a blue pole you can swing from and clamber up the wall. Wait here a moment for a guard to climb the far ladder, up to the broken platform.

Once he turns away, leap over to him via the signpost and platform on the left and perform a stealth kill. Now take cover behind one of the low barriers and use said weapon to take down the remaining baddies, including a shotgun toting fellow below.

Nepali Bronze Lion After clearing the first courtyard, look for a treasure at the end of the alley, directly opposite the tall ladder. With the area cleared, Elena will join you on that same platform--toss her to a ladder above and follow her up when she kicks down the remainder.

From the fire escape, leap to the nearby platform, where Elena will discover a blocked gate. Yuan Dynasty Lotus Jar After climbing to the first fire escape, follow it all way up to find a treasure.

While hanging here, take aim at the boards blocking the gate to let Elena through. Now continue hanging here for cover, as some enemies are inbound from ahead--take them down.

After the first wave, hop to the other side of the sign and gear up to take down a few more coming from the opposite direction, including a sniper to the bottom-left.

Cham Lion Mask With the gate unbarred, look for a treasure on the other side of it, in the corner. With the area cleared, Elena will lower a walkway that you can hop to.

Follow it to a ladder through the doorway that can be climbed up to the water tower. At the water tower, Elena will take off on her own for now. Head left and take a zipline down to the train yard.

Once there, push the cart blocking the door aside and head inside. Jeweled Statue Crown Having dropped from the zip line into the trainyard, explore the far corner, next to the green train car, to find a treasure.

Climb up the orange train car on the far side via the boxes just in front of it , then leap to another on the left using the boxes by the window.

Continue across it to a walkway. Three-Stone Coral Ring Inside the garage, follow the top of the second train car to a walkway.

From there, grab hold of a red beam in the wall and follow it left to a series of red beams you can cross over to a platform concealing a treasure.

Head inside and pull the switch to release the brake, causing it to careen through the wall, crashing just outside.

Take cover by the window inside the train car and open fire on the enemies beyond. Make sure to target any enemies who attempt to approach before they get too close, keeping a close eye for those trying to sneak up via the right or left windows.

Once things quiet down, a truck will roll in and unleash two machine-gun toting baddies. Instead, simply remain in cover and wait until Elena rolls in, giving you an exit!

Grabbing hold of a moving train? Oh that crazy Drake. Anyway, follow the railing to ladder on the left that you can climb up to the roof of the first train car.

Drop to the platform before the next train car and follow the yellow pipe around to the ride, alongside the length of the container.

Cross over to a ladder ahead and follow the roof up to an enemy you can stealth kill. Now drop to the next train car and use a box for cover as you tackle three enemies ahead.

Proceed into the carriage ahead and get ready to tackle an enemy who dives at you through a window. Yama Buffalo Statue From the train car where the enemy dive-bombed you through the window, climb up to the roof via the ladder outside and look for a treasure toward the rear.

After climbing to the roof, leap to the train car ahead and sneak up an enemy resting against a box on the left for a stealth kill. Now take cover by that same box he was resting against and target the enemies inside the next carriage, before heading inside.

Quickly clamber outside a window on either side, then climb the ladder to the roof. Before jumping to the roof of the next train car, take down an enemy there, as well as another below, just inside the carriage.

Once clear, leap over to the next roof to find a glass ceiling--target the machine gunner through it, as well as any remaining baddies.

Wait for the first one to pass, pull yourself up quickly, and dart across the roof, off the front side. Plus it provides good cover from any nearby enemies.

Newari Bronze Figures When crossing up the second train car during the first signal-section the one just before the tank , drop off the side to a ledge and enter the open door.

Now explore the back wall inside for a treasure. Scurry along the bar and quickly leap leap to the ledges above for shelter from the passing signals, before dropping back down and continuing along the pipe to the other side.

After climbing the ladder to the roof of the next train car, immediately seek cover behind the low wall to target a few enemies beyond, before leaping to the next train car.

For now, quickly leap out the back side of the car--before the helicopter destroys it completely--to the platform ahead. Quickly seek cover--any cover that puts something between you and the chopper--for protection from its fire.

Keep an ear out for the whirring of its weapons--any time you hear it start up, look for shelter! Anyway, work your way across the train car and get ready to tackle a few enemies at the far end.

Use the boxes for cover, from both them and the chopper, then climb up the ladder ahead when the coast is clear. Quickly drop to the left side of the train for both protection from the lights, as well as from the chopper, and sidle along the ledge to the next platform.

Dart across the platform, but take cover as soon as some enemies drop in and focus on them first. When clear, hurry into the green, open-air, car ahead and grab the rocket launcher on the left.

Take cover inside the doorway and wait for the helicopter to stop firing--as soon as it does, step out and fire a rocket at the chopper. As soon as you hit it with one, the helicopter will veer to the side--this is your cue to leave.

Quickly turn the valve along the back wall to reveal an exit and hop to the next platform, where the next chapter awaits.

Follow the pipe around either side of the next car, leaping to the edge of the roof--wait for the enemy there to walk near, then pull him off for a stealth kill!

Climb the ladder there and quickly pull off both enemies there before they know what happened. Continue to hold onto the top of the ladder and target a few more enemies, further up the train.

They do alternate sides though after each one, so use that knowledge to prepare for the next one. When clear, jump to the next train car and shoot the enemies inside through the skylight.

Continue past the platform with the parked jeeps to a locked door--shoot the lock to head inside. Tibetan Saddle Ring After breaking into the train car with the locked door, look for a treasure in the back, on the left.

To exit, climb up the boxes in the middle and hop out through the broken skylight to the roof. Now as you heard toward the next one, a cutscene shows numerous enemies heading your way.

Pick off the first few enemies you can spot first, before hopping to the bottom of the next train car. Take cover by the entrance of the next train car to target the enemies inside, before heading through and leaping to the next train car, where you should do the exact same thing.

Except this time, once you clear the interior, push forward and take cover near the exit to target a few more enemies on the platform ahead.

Upon climbing the large truck, a big machine-gun toting baddie will appear. Push forward only when he relents in his fire, taking cover either by the windshelds of the two trucks along the way be sure to take down an enemy or two as well.

When you reach the bed of the final truck, take cover by its tailgate and target the two metallic brackets on top of the piled logs ahead.

Unfortunately, your old friend, the helicopter, will again roll in. Dash for the next carriage, taking cover along the way if you need to regain health.

Once there, exit out the other side and hurry along to a tank. Hop inside and open fire on the gunship, using the smoke trails to track it.

With the gunship destroyed, immediately seek cover behind the nearby box and target the attacking enemies, both on top and inside the train car ahead.

When clear, continue up to the next train car, and immediatly seek cover by the first seat inside, as a very strong enemy is coming your way despite him wearing next to nothing.

So the trick with this guy is to shoot him in the noggin until his helmet flies off, making him vulnerable. If he tosses a grenade, quickly back into the entrance of the car, taking cover by the door until it explodes, before returning to your seat.

Time your melee attacks and counters to push him behind you, then quickly dart to the other side of the car and take cover behind another seat there.

After successfully countering him, hammer on the attack button as shown to defeat him, ending the chapter. Simply climb up the train just as you did before at the start of the game.

After climbing the train, Drake will stumble upon the dagger--with the enemies hot on his tail! As soon as you regain control, sneak up on the soldier who just walked past and stealth kill him.

Now we suggest climbing onto the roof of the building just ahead in the same direction the soldier was heading via the ladder on its side.

After climbing up, take cover behind the low wall and begin targeting the enemies ahead, followed by a few more on a roof to the right, and the corridor to the left also be on the lookout for enemies climbing up behind you.

After taking them down, more will appear from behind--flip over to the other side of the wall for cover and target them too. A cannister on the ground, if shot early, can take most of them down.

If you need ammo at any point, the adjacent corridor houses several weapons and grenades. Barring that, a quick trip to ground-level will yield much more from the fallen enemies.

Tibetan Prayer Wheel Look for this treasure in a corner, near the starting point just below a large piece of debris , on the opposite side of the area as the fire.

Tibetan Knifel Look for this treasure in the corner of the cliff side, just right of the flames. Just take in the sights along the way and feel free to interact with the villagers.

Bronze Buddha Statue A little ways into the village middle area , explore the far corner of the high-ground on the right. Singing Bowl In the final area, look in a corner left of the final house.

Follow your new friend into the ice cave, off a short drop, and across a gap to a rope. Wait for him to throw to use it as a grapple, then leap to the rope and swing across the chasm, then climb down the nearby ladder.

After climbing down the ladder, proceed into the ice tunnel and throw a couple of small gaps, up to a ledge. Drop to the floor to discover a rope. Follow your buddy back up to the ledge and wait for him to secure the rope in place, allowing you to swing to the other side.

Clay Deity Head Upon reaching the second rope, use it to swing to a ledge on the right for a treasure. Follow your friend across a few jumps and another rope!

After pulling yourself up, continue onward to a broken ladder. Let your friend toss you to a short path above. After being tossed to the path, leap to the nearby wall on the right and follow it as far left as you can dropping from ledge to ledge before making a leap to a snowy ledge and follow it to a rope.

Bronze Chenrezig Statue After your friend tosses you up the broken ladder, continue onward until you reach the hanging rope.

Climb the rope and leap to a nearby platform in the center, then to another in the wall. Sidle along it left, before dropping to the ground below.

Hop to another platform toward the center, then approach the ledge to catch your friend as he jumps toward you. Now wait for him to setup another rope and use it to cross the chasm.

Follow your friend up some more ledges, a tall wall, and across another gap to discover some mutilated wolfs. Push forward across the snowy platforms to a cliff wall you can climb.

As you do, some rocks will fall behind you, blocking you in. Skull Cap Drum After the boulders fall behind you, blocking the path, follow the stream to the cliff, then make a right to find a treasure at the end of the ridge.

After the boulders block you in, climb the ridges ahead and follow the wall jumping when necessary to a section you can climb. Leap to a ledge on the left at the top, then to snowy platform just ahead.

From here, leap over to a thin ledge, just before a pit containing a ladder. Silver Needle Case After leaping to the thin ledge just before the ladder, look for a treasure on the left.

Drop into the pit and grab the gun from the corpse on the right--use it to shoot the nearby ice barricade, allowing you to rejoin your friend.

Immediately take aim and fill him full of holes until he leaves him alone and comes for you instead. The easiest way to do this is to run circles around the room in whichever direction is away from the creature while firing at him while on the move.

Now if the creature grabs you at any point, one of two things will happen: After inflicting enough damage, the creature will swap your weapon away, but thankfully your friend will come to the rescue!

After the battle, follow your best friend back into the previous room and give him a lift to the ladder.

Follow him up via the box he drops then trail him across a few platforms until you reach a snowy ridge. Upon landing on the snowy ridge, look to the long chasm to the right.

See the box attached to a rope teetering along the ledge? Shoot it to knock it down to drop the rope, using it to cross to the other side. Now just climb up the very obvious ridges to a ladder, then onto a stairway leading to the next chapter.

Start off by standing on a switch to your left--wait for your friend to stand on the other, then continue left, past the now lowered wall.

Climb the stairs to a few ledge you can clamber up to a pole. As soon as you grab hold of the pole, several platforms will emerge from the wall.

You must climb them quickly, before they recede! After leaping to the bottom one, follow it right and up to some ridges you can quickly clamber up by tapping jump.

Once at the ledge, follow it right to a series of poles you can swing from. Once at the third one, drop down to the ground via the ridges in the wall.

Follow the walkway to a split path--take the stairs leading down first and pull the switch at the base. After doing so, your partner will do the same, causing three cylinders to lower nearby.

With the cylinders lowered, climb the stairs up to their level and leap to the first one. Now work your way around to the backside, and leap to the second, then do the same for the third, where you can then jump to a walkway.

Now the second and third cylinders have a few obstructions on them--just work your way around them, making sure to leap to the next cylinder in a location not obstructed.

Also, try and leap from each one at least a few feet up from the base, to ensure you clear the gap. Leap through it to a beam on the left, then from there to a nearby wall.

Climb the wall to the top, then leap to a girder on the left. Follow that to giant turning cog you can catch a ride on to a platform on the other side.

After riding the cog, look for a small beam you can leap from to a pole ahead, then swing from that to another cog ahead, and ride that to the platform above.

Wait for the gap in its spokes, then jump through. Now catch a ride on another cog to a snowy wall. Leap right the right edge of the snowy wall to another girder, then drop down to a t-section platform below.

From the side of the T-Section you landed on, look for a pole on the left that you can use to swing to a slow, spinning platform below.

After dropping to the slow, rotating platform, leap to a rope hanging toward the center of the room--use it to swing to a walkway on the far side.

Ride the vertical cog down to a platform below, then drop down to the second of two more slow, rotating platforms.

Now grab hold of the large spinning wheel alongside the wall and ride it up to a platform on the left. Once there, ride along the top of the wheel to another walkway, then leap to the platform ahead and continue through the doorway to find a lever you can pull.

Wow, a whole lot of stuff happened after you pulled that lever! Oh well--climb down a ladder by the lever to a ledge below, then leap to a hanging chain ahead, using it to reach a far girder.

From the girder, drop to the bottom-most one and follow it left to a spinning cog. Pull yourself up , then quickly cross over the spinning cog to a girder on the opposite side.

Leap from that to a yellow pole and swing to the the weights being pulled up ahead. Follow the wall left to a wheel you can ride to a walkway below.

After riding the wheel down to the walkway, jump the gap to another and ride the other side of the wheel up to a second wheel you should grab hold to.

Instead, ride this wheel to its top, then climb to a ledge above. Now you should see several more ledges ahead--leap across the ones on the right half of the area to a ledge in the far corner containing a treasure.

After grabbing hold of the second wheel, ride it up to a third wheel you can climb onto. From there, leap to a pole, then swing to the ledge ahead, following it until you can pull yourself up.

Follow the corridor down to a switch on the ground--activating it causes several pillars to rise. Climb down the stairs and leap across the platforms and a few beams to reunite with your buddy.

Now follow him across a few more platforms quickly before they drop , into the temple ahead. Inside the temple, climb the stairs to find a lever you can pull along the perimeter of the room.

Pulling it will cause a platform to slowly lower from the ceiling--wait here for it by the lever. While you wait, two creatures will attack--target them from here.

Now continue battling the creatures until the platform drops just in front of you--leap to it as soon as you can to being your ascent out of this room.

You may want to grab the crossbow from the table before taking cover by the railing just outside. Once in cover, use the crossbow to take down the few enemies ahead the crossbow is almost always a one-hit kill.

Once you run out of crossbow bolts, we suggest grabbing the weapon you dropped from inside the house. Once clear, push forward to a low wall on the left side of the street ahead and kill the remaining enemies.

Once clear, push forward around the corner and hug the left wall. Up ahead are a ton of soldiers, as well as a machine gunner.

We suggest climbing up the first left ledge you can, and proceeding into the mostly-destroyed building ahead, taking cover by the low wall on the right.

From here, you can target the enemies ahead, and perhaps even the machine gunner if he reveals himself. With the area clear, continue up the street until a rocket launcher appears and blocks off your path.

Nate will automatically take cover by a nearby low wall--remain here and pick off the enemies up the stairs, focusing on the rocket launcher first.

You may want to relocate to a second wall on the left to better target the enemies on the right left. Just watch out for an enemy who may be waiting inside a small room on the left.

Afterward, climb up a couple of ladders to the roof--just take a moment at the top of the first ladder to kill a nearby enemy.

From the roof, leap to another ahead and seek cover behind either of the low walls to target some enemies on he rooftop ahead, as well as several more ahead.

If you run out of ammo, drop through the hole in the ceiling into the house below for more. Antique Chau After dropping through the hole in the first rooftop you leapt to, check along the wall behind the building for a treasure.

After stocking up, head around the side of the house and take cover by a short wall perpendicular to a wooden fence. Remain here to target more enemies below, including one equipped with a grenade launcher--take him down as soon as you see him.

Subsequently, follow the fence to a pair of stairwells. Bell Thogchag Enter the small, mostly destroyed building at the top of the second wooden staircase to find a treasure inside.

Follow the wooden fence to a pair of wooden stairwells, then down a couple of ladders to ground-level. Take cover on either side of the opening on the left to target a few more enemies through it, before following your friend inside the home on the right and up the ladder.

Anyway, for now, just dart up the staircase dead-ahead, up to a locked door. Wait here for your friend to catch up and open the door for you.

Once through the door, hop out the window and follow the path, shooting a couple of enemies along the way. After climbing the stairs, take cover behind a short, red fence and aim for the enemies on a roof ahead.

Yak Horn Carving When you reach the first wall you have to climb over, look for a treasure in the right corner of it. With the enemies down, clamber over the wall and follow the path, hugging the right side, all the way to a fence just past a couple of mostly-destroyed buildings.

Once there, ignore the enemies and dash up the staircase across the street, then across the red bridge. With the bridge destroyed, run toward the camera and hop through the opening into the house.

Climb the ladder within and take cover at the top to target the enemies across from you, before leaping over. Continue through the building to a large hole in the wall.

Take down an enemy in a building across the way, then leap over to it. Help your friend clear the debris from the exit, then follow him out and quickly follow him across the gap.

After crossing, make haste for a doorway on the right--even if the tank almost runs you over! Follow the path--taking down a few enemies along the way--up to a split path.

Because the tank rolls in ahead, make a right and immediately take cover behind a low wall on the left to target a few dudes beyond.

Drop down a couple of snow-covered ledges, then sidle along the wall to a walkway. Climb the wall at the end of the walkway--as soon as you do, the tank will burst through a wall behind you!

Quickly run along the path to a stairwell, leading into a house at the top. Take cover behind one of the overturned tables inside and target the enemies beyond.

With the house cleared, exit outside to the back of the house through a door on the left opposite where the tank is and climb the ladder to the roof.

Kill the enemy there, but grab his rocket launcher and fire it at the tank. Now take cover behind either of the nearby walls and shoot the visible enemies, such as in the house to the lower-right, as well as to the left.

With the enemies down, drop off the left half of the ledge and follow the gray path on the ground into the next house. As soon as you enter, flip over the table for cover and kill the enemies there.

When clear, climb the ladder in the back to the upper floor, then leap to the roof through the hole in the ceiling. Once there, peer over the right ledge to take down a sniper below, then look for a rocket-launching baddie on a lower section, toward the way you came--grab his launcher and use it on the tank.

As soon as you pull yourself up, leap to a rooftop behind you and kill a rocket-launching baddie there--use it on the tank. Now take cover behind the low wall and target the enemies in the building across the street.

Cleared the building across the street? Drop to ground level via a couple of ledges on the right, then quickly run past the tank into that building via the staircase and look for some rocket launchers along the right wall--use them on the tank to destroy it once and for all!

The chapter begins with Nate hanging onto the side of the first convoy. Take cover inside the truck bed and target the enemies inside a second truck on the right.

When it pulls ahead, wait until the vehicles bump into one another, leap leap to that one. Take cover again and target the other nearby vehicles.

When you reach the branching paths, get ready to leap to another vehicle just as they rejoin into one. Look for another directly below on the lower path and leap to it.

Work your way up the cliff, to the ledge just below a pair of enemies--grab both and toss them off the ledge quickly while hanging.

After pulling yourself up, grab their dropped weapons and use the truck for cover as you take down an enemy ahead. Now move up to the back far end of the truck for cover to target the remaining two enemies.

With the area clear, climb the staircase up to a fortress, containing a ton of enemies. Take cover by the low wall where the three guards were and target the beyond, including on a balcony to the right.

Target the closer enemies first, and save your grenades for enemies that group together. Move up to the cart just ahead and push it to the far side of the bridge.

Once it tips over, leap over to a low platform on the right and climb up the brick wall, stopping at the top to target the visible enemies.

After pulling yourself up, follow the path up and climb up into the building, and follow it to the far room. Take cover by the entrance to clear out the room, then quickly sneak up and take down the machine gunner on the left from behind.

Once Elena declares the area cleared, follow her to a door behind you and open it via the cranks. Just past the door is a seemingly impassable span…but not for Nathan!

A jutting wall to the left contains several red grip-points that can be used to lower yourself to a level below.

Once you reach the lowest red grip-point of the jutting wall, leap to another series on the left, which you can descend to the lowest level.

After dropping to the lower level, jump to the nearby platform to find a rope you can toss to Elena. Now cross over the narrow beam and leap off the upcoming ledge to a wall ahead that can be climbed.

At the top, leap to a ledge opposite Drake, then catch Elena as she jumps across herself. After catching Elena, work together to push the nearby statue from behind, allowing you to climb up it to an opening above.

Now follow the wooden boards to a rope you can climb. Now follow Elena up the stairs, jumping the gaps, to a locked door. When at the locked door, turn around to find a column on the left with some red-grip points--you can reach them via the walkway leading to it.

After pulling yourself up, follow the roof to the far corner, then leap to thin beam and follow it to the next corner--from there, leap to the bricks in the wall dead-ahead.

Follow the bricks around to the left, then up, and back to the right. Leap from the last brick to a platform on the right, adjacent to a door.

Now jump up a couple of grip-points above, which leads to a series of wooden beams. Follow them, swinging when necessary, around the building to a ledge just below an enemy--pull him off before pulling yourself up.

From the roof, peer over the interior ledge to begin targeting the enemies within. As you close in, a rocket will blow you to the ground--but on the upside, Elena will rejoin you.

After being blown to the ground floor, immediately seek cover behind the two pieces of debris just ahead and pick off the enemies beyond.

Once clear, cross the bridge and take cover to either side of the entrance into the tower to take down the enemies within. With the tower cleared, toss Elena up to a ladder within and follow her up when she kicks it down to you.

When you reach the roof, grab the sniper and take cover behind the wooden boxes. Now use it to take down the enemies in the towers ahead--just make sure to take down the rocket launcher first, in the second tower from the right.

After taking out a few enemies, many more will attempt to come at you from the bridge--luckily you can target them from here too.

If you run out of ammo, plenty more can be found nearby. After clearing the bridge and towers, drop to the level below and cross over the think plank, then across the bridge.

At the halfway point, the bridge will collapse, leaving Nate hanging on for dear life. Begin climbing it up the left, then the right--after it falls apart some more, leap to the wooden planks sticking out, then up the rest where Elena will pull you to safety.

With the bridge behind you, climb the staircase to a large snowy courtyard, where a large firefight awaits. We recommend heading left as soon you drop in and climbing up the wall there.

Quickly take down the first enemy ahead, then immediately seek cover behind in the corner of the destroyed wall. From here, target the enemies on the remainder of the walkway first including a grenade launcher and sniper which you can collect if you need additional ammo , as well as on the adjacent rooftop, before turning your attention to those in the field below.

Having cleared the courtyard, open the door on the opposite side by turning the wheel. Once past the door, head down the stairs to a broken ladder.

After tossing Elena up to it, follow her when she kicks down the box, then cross over to her when she repositions the plank. Now follow her lead up the wall, to a window.

Kill the first enemy inside while hanging from the window, before climbing inside and using the object by the staircase for cover to target the remainders.

Once clear, exit out the other side and follow the snowy path to a door you can open, completing the chapter.

As soon as the level begins, take cover behind the railing to either the left or right and target both ahead, as well as on the upper level.

If you run out of ammo, push forward to a box just ahead where you can find more--but watch out for a rocket-launching baddie on either side of the room and take them down asap!

Instead, look for an adjacent room on the top level with some hand holds. You can climb these to reach a high platform with the Treasure on it.

Use this ramp to jump to the topmost floor above where you just were. Follow the floor around to a room with this Treasure on the floor.

Drop down here and you can climb over the arches to get the Treasure. After fighting the first enemies, let down the drawbridge.

A locked gate is your next destination, but look up and to the left of this locked gate to see a flashing Treasure on the wall you can shoot down.

After fighting the first enemies, let down the drawbridge and shoot the lock off the door to continue. As soon as you pass through the unlocked gate, look to your right.

A statue has a Treasure on it. When you ride the bucket down into the well, take out the enemies and then look for this in one of the rooms.

You can get this at various points in the Chapter, but you can get it first just after emerging from the well.

Look up -- high above the gate on the fortress wall is a shining Treasure. In the interior of the tower with the spiral staircase, check the first landing you come to for this Treasure.

After the last fight in the chapter, you will see two snipers in a building ahead. Sully will shoot the building with an RPG killing the two snipers.

Once you enter the hole that Sully created, turn right and in the corner, you will see this Treasure. In the room with the large globe, search the perimeter of the area for a Treasure sitting on the floor by the wall.

A Treasure is in a rafter above the water. Let the water fill all the way to the top, then hop in and use your handgun to shoot the Treasure.

After rotating the giant globe, take the spiral staircase up to the tomb. As soon as you leave the staircase, search the left wall for a Treasure.

At the very start, before going through the first gate Elena opens, look by the fruit stands for a Treasure on the ground.

After going down a set of stairs just before coming to a large area with lots of stands, search the side of the fountain you pass for this Treasure.

This Treasure can be found just after the shopkeeper opens the gate for Elena. Go through the gate and look for this on a small, raised area with a cactus.

When you cut through the building with the red carpet, this is on the landing at the top of the stairs. You can get this right after the fight scene in the market.

Walk out the gate and search for it along the right side of the wall. Walk down the stairs and double back to pick this up in the dead end.

After the market fight scene, follow Sully and Elena down some stairs and, instead of pursuing them through the dark alley that terminates in the final cutscene, look for a ledge with some boxes on it you can climb up to.

This is right in the area you find the previous two Treasures. This Treasure can be found right at the start of the level as you climb down the ladder into the well.

DO NOT drop below. Climb around the cylindrical grate to the rear side and pick this up. You can also get this at the end of the level if you miss it.

After you open the secret passage in the bottom of the cistern, search the left corner right after you enter the hallway with cogs on both sides for a Treasure.

This Treasure is in the room with the gear puzzle. Search the sandy area above the doorway for it. In the room with all the floating body parts, head down the stairs and hang a left to find this Treasure on the ground.

In the room with all the floating body parts, grab the staff at the center of the room. Facing the central image on the wall, turn right 90 degrees and look up at the ceiling.

A Treasure should drop to the ground. Place the staff in a hole in the ground and pick up the Treasure. After you leave the well, walk out into the market and hang a right.

The Treasure is at the dead end in front of a door. After you leave the well, walk out into the market.

This Treasure is on a bench under an overhang to the right of the fountain. This Treasure is to the left of the fountain in the shade of an overhang.

Just before entering the crowded area, look for a small set of stairs on your right. Climb these to find the Treasure behind some boxes.

Right after the initial brawl, climb up to the top of the cargo containers and look for this Treasure in the corner. After you get your holster back, follow the hallway to the door leading out to the shipyard.

Turn around here and look for a small closet with this Treasure on the ground. In the area with all the floating platforms, boats and turrets where you have a huge shootout, search the wall opposite from where you entered the area for a hole you can swim through.

On the other side is a climbable wall. Climb it and pick up the grenade launcher if you need it, then turn around and leap across the gap to pick up the [[Treasure].

If you are treasure hunting on Very Easy you can skip the fight in this area by swimming to the central boat and climbing the crows nest as if you meant to continue to the next area.

After this you need to push a box off a ledge to reach a corroded ship hull in the distance. Look around and you should spot this Treasure on a beam nearby.

Use these small jumps to reach the Treasure. Do not jump off this final rope. Stop swinging and climb it to the top. Up above is a Treasure.

Before heading into the radio tower, drop off the far side of the platform and climb down to this Treasure. After the cutscene in the radio tower, do NOT take the zipline.

Look for this treasure in the corner before zipping down. At the very start of the chapter, keep to the right as you fight your way through the floating platforms.

Look for a lookout tower near a green tugboat. This Treasure is under the tower in a corner on a barrel. At the very start of the chapter, look for a red, floating crane.

Near this is a yellow cargo containeer with Treasure inside of it. This is pretty much on the opposite side of the area from the first Treasure.

Before lowering the green bridge to leave the first area, search the exterior boardwalk area nearby for this Treasure. Right at the beginning of the chapter, look in a small area along the outer walkway for a Treasure on the ground.

Just past the escape boat you can use to climb to the second level is a dead end with this Treasure on the ground. In the area where you fight the heavily armored pirate with the machine gun, jump on the shifting, yellow cargo container in the middle of the area and then jump into a secret area with this Treasure.

This is in the corner of the pool area, to the left of the rotating door. After the ballroom shootout, several enemies will bust through a door, allowing you to proceed.



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